Lighting Fixture Design Conference: Thermoplastic Diffusers and Fire-Rated LED Panels

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International Lighting Fixture Design Conference

Last week saw the International Lighting Fixture Design Conference, in London…

As part of a packed 2-day programme, and as a result of much confusion in the industry itself, David Mudd from LuxTSI gave a presentation on ‘Thermoplastic Diffusers – How to stay compliant’.

The presentation tackled such areas as:

  • Has the issue of fire safety taken a back seat?

  • Does the replacement of fire-rated luminaires with standard luminaires with TP(a) diffusers creating a risk?

  • What role does the luminaire play in a fire-rated ceiling?

  • What constitutes a properly fire-rated luminaire?

The takeout from the presentation was two-fold:

  • The fire rating of a diffuser DOES NOT equate to the fire rating of a luminaire.

  • TPa DOES NOT mean a luminaire is fire-rated. It needs be tested by an accredited body, as the lighting designer is responsible.

Pyropanel is the only 30-minute fire-rated panel on the UK market, complying to BS476-22, Building Regulations Part B (2013) and Building Regulations L2A and L2B.

If you want to guarantee the fire-rated integrity of your ceiling and you need a LED panel that is officially recognised as fire-rated, then Pyropanel is your first choice in certified fire-rated LED panels.

You can see the full article from Lux Review here.

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