Compliance – the challenge for LED lighting

When building regulations require a ceiling to have specific fire-resistance, lighting and other fitments integrated into ceiling must provide equal fire resistance. This prevents fire from using weak points in the ceiling to spread more rapidly through the building.

This applies to both new construction and renovation works.

There are important fire-safety questions concerning LED light panels; particularly those with thermoplastic construction.

  • Are these light panels certified fire-resistant to BS478-22?
  • Will their installation comply with Building Regulations?
  • Is fire-safety compliance maintained after installation?
  • Is fire insurance cover compromised after installation?

Pyropanel™ presents an advanced new lighting option that complies with Building Regulations and fire-safety legislation.

Building safety

In the UK, people’s health and safety rightfully takes precedence over all other considerations and has become embedded both within our culture, and within law. All involved in the design, construction, maintenance and operations of commercial and public buildings understand why they are subject to legislation and regulation.

Important legislation and guidance for interior lighting is included in the following publications:

  • The Building Regulations (2013) Part B – Fire Safety.
  • Approved Document L2A – Conservation of fuel and power in new buildings other than dwellings.
  • Approved Document L2B – Conservation of fuel and power in existing buildings other than dwellings.
  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.
  • Health and Safety Executive HSG38 Lighting at Work.
  • The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.

Responsibility for compliance

Fire-safety is a key part of Building Regulations designed to slow the spread of flames through a building in case of fire, allowing the occupants sufficient time to evacuate to safety. Maintaining compliance with fire-safety regulations of a building structure can make the difference between life and death in case of a fire incident.

Building Regulations state: “People who are responsible for building work; for example the owner, agent, designer, builder or installer, must ensure that the work complies with all applicable requirements of the Building Regulations.”

“If building work does not comply with the Building Regulations, the building owner may be served with an enforcement notice.”


The main enforcing authority for the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 will normally be the local Fire and
Rescue Authority. However there are some special areas where others have been appointed as the enforcing authority. These are listed in detail in article 25 of the Order.

Building Control Bodies (BCB) are responsible for enforcing standards and ensuring compliance with Building Regulations.

There are 2 types:

  • Local Authority Building Control.
  • Approved Inspector Building Control.

Since 2002, Government has additionally established Competent Persons Schemes, to allow individuals and enterprises to self-certify that their work complies with the Building Regulations as an alternative to submitting a building notice or using an approved inspector.

Enforcement of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015, depends on building occupancy during construction works. CDM2015 – is enforced by the HSE when the building is unoccupied and by the Local Fire and Rescue Authority when the building or a part of the building under construction is occupied.

Compliance assured

Pyropanel™ (EU patent pending), is the first LED light panel on the UK market to be certified fire-resistant to BS478-22, in line with Building Regulations Part B (2013). It provides over 30 minutes fire-resistance to enhance people’s safety and help preserve building integrity in the event of fire.

Pyropanel™ combines fire-resistance and low glare lighting characteristics with premium quality LED technology and robust construction that truly sets a new benchmark performance standard for LED panels.

With extremely long operating lifetime and 5 years manufacturer’s warranty, Pyropanel™ is an ideal lighting choice for private and public sector buildings.

Recommended use

Pyropanel™ is recommended for use within suspended ceilings or as a surface mount where building designers, contractors, landlords, owners or operators are required to be compliant with;

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.
Building Regulations Part B (2013).
Building Regulations L2A & L2B.
HSE – HSG38 Lighting at Work.

Pyropanel™ is an ideal choice for use in office, retail, leisure, education and healthcare buildings that can enable operators to enjoy the benefits of LED lighting and deliver on emissions obligations by means of an easily installed light fitting.